Our Factories

Sakr Group owns seven busy factories that work around the clock to produce exceptional quantities of high-quality products in a carefully controlled environment.

Our Factories Include:

Tetra-Pak Factory

  • It has 8 production lines.
  • Total production capacity is 14 tons per hour.
  • This factory uses the UHT Processing that guarantees a high and stable quality level .

Triangular and Square Cheese Factory

  • We are currently operating 9 production lines.
  • Total production capacity is 1.7 tons per hour.
  • This factory has a UHT Processing Unit that guarantees the stability of product quality from the first to the last pack.
  • Raw materials are imported from Fonterra, New Zealand. Fonterra is the world's 3rd largest dairy company located in New Zealand.
  • Impressive technology designed and built in Italy and Germany comprises the machinery used in this factory. Brands are Corazza and Stephan.

Glass Bottle Juice Factory

  • This factory has 1 Italian production line (SACMI) with a capacity of 6 tons per hour. That is a big 24,000 bottles produced every hour. Available sizes are 200 ml, 250 ml, and 1 Liter.

The Fruit Concentrates Factory

  • Production capacity is 4 tons per hour from the Egyptian exceptional fruit crops.
  • We produce the concentrates for our own juice brands. This helps us maintain consistent high-quality products with the same specification for each batch. Customers always get the same excellent taste, consistency, and freshness.

Butter and Ghee Factory

  • Sakr Group Butter Factory was established in 2008, and its first production started in 2010. The Butter plant equipment is Swiss made “EGLI Brand” which is very advanced and fully automated to produce premium products. It also has a huge production capacity that can reach 5 tons per hour. Sakr Group butter plant is highly equipped with CIP system “Cleaning in Place” to automatically clean and sanitize the plant. We take in pride that this factory has many different packaging formats.

Cheddar Cheese Factory

  • Al Sakr Company started our processed cheese company in 1997. The factory uses the latest technology to maintain very high quality products while increasing efficiency. The company started off with a production capacity of 1,200 tons per year but is now producing a whopping 15,000 tons per year.

The Fruit Concentrates Factory

  • We produce concentrates of Mango, Apricot, Peach, Strawberry, Guava, Pear and Banana. Our Mango Puree is made of the excellent Egyptian Mango. All our fruit purees are free from sugar, colors and preservatives.
  • Here at Sakr Group our continuous mission is to produce high quality competitively priced food products for local and international consumers through supplier partnerships. We constantly strive to bring innovative products to the market. As we continue to insist on supplying the highest quality products and services, we will continue to grow. We are and continue to be the brand of choice for a large part of our target markets.