We have a vision to offer high quality competitively priced food to local and international consumers, through supplier partnerships with the best of the best suppliers to produce innovative products that challenge what is expected. We deliver to millions of consumers and retailers across the globe in 70 countries and 26 cities in Egypt.

Our products are all sanitized by automatic clean-in-place (CIP) system; we managed to apply Codex Alimentarius to our entire range of products; which develops a universally accepted standard that protects the health of consumers and ensures fair practice in the food trade. Our factories are ISO-certified and FDA-approved as the only entity in Egypt that produces organic products that are closer to nature than all others.

Sakr Group is composed of the 3 major companies:

1. Sakr for International Investment:
One of the largest importers in Egypt, that started in 1985, in 1989 the company initiated a partnership with Fonterra (NZMP), becoming the sole agents for NZMP bulk butter in Egypt for 30 years today. The company is now one of the largest importers of frozen food in the Egyptian market; an alliance with BRF (one foods) that imports “Perdix” chicken from Brazil. As well, like meat and fish from the United States, Europe and all over the world.

2. Al Sakr for Food Industries:
The Passion that created Al Sakr for Food Industries founded in 1998 is launching a new era of industrial development, producing more than 640 million packs of juice and milk that are loved by millions of consumers across the globe, in 70 countries worldwide and 26 cities in Egypt.

3. Al Sakr for Food products:
We started our first ever factory in the 90s, under Al Sakr for food products. The factories are specialized in producing the core dairy. Most of the dairy ingredients used in this factory are from the finest New Zealand dairy; to ensure providing the best dairy offerings to millions of families every day.